04/28/2014 // Down to Earth // Cochabamba, Bolivia

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Airplane window shot. Cochabamba, Bolivia’s third largest city, is in the valley below the clouds.

04/28/2014 // Amazon Jungle // Beni, Bolivia

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Flying over Amazonia in Bolivia. Areas of thick forest like this are less and less common. In neighboring Peru, the rainforest became a net carbon dioxide emitter rather than carbon sink for the first time in 2012, as deforestation released tree-trapped CO2 into the atmosphere.

04/27/2014 // Río San Martin // Bella Vista, Bolivia

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During the wet season, this Amazon tributary is a prominent means of boat transportation, and thankfully so, since many roads are flooded. During the dry season it’s little more than a stream.

04/27/2014 // Chess // Bella Vista, Bolivia

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This photo taken by an eight-year-old.

04/12/2014 // Principal’s Office // Orobayaya, Bolivia

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A middle school in the Bolivian Amazon. I asked if the photos were Bolívar and Sucre, the two generals who fought to free Bolivia from Spanish rule. “Yes,” the principal said, “but the most important one is the one in the middle.”

04/24/2014 // Students // Bella Vista, Bolivia

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A friend in Bolivia sent me into the jungle for a few weeks to volunteer with some nuns he knew who he said were doing health education work–teaching people about sanitation, boiling water, etc. I took a plane across Bolivia into the provincial capital of Trinidad, then another flight on a Cessna six-seater with no seatbelts to arrive at Bella Vista. The nuns greeted me warmly but it turns out they weren’t doing health education at all (and for their part, they thought I was going to be a doctor!) I ended up teaching English and chess at the boarding school the nuns run. Miss these kids.

04/11/2014 // River Crossing // Bella Vista, Bolivia

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Wet season. In the dry season, this Amazon tributary is reduced to just a trickle.

04/06/2014 // A Warning // La Paz, Bolivia

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“We’ve had a big problem with burglary in this neighborhood. We got together and decided that this would be the best way to send a message.”