10/31/2013 // Self-Portrait // Cusco, Peru


Halloween in Cusco. (Click for lightbox)


10/14/2013 // Wari Ruins // Southern Coast, Peru


The aforementioned huts. Click for lightbox.


10/14/2013 // Wari Ruins // Southern Coast, Peru

Wari ruins

Terraces for crops? An amphitheater? The ruins are totally unmarked and locals told us they are not well studied. In addition to the construction pictured, there were dozens upon dozens of stone huts spread out over a mile of rocky oceanic bluffs, with front openings about three feet high and insides perhaps eight feet in diameter. Scattered around them were collections of seashells, shards of pottery and often even human bones. We found part of a skull, several vertebrae, fingers and a tibia. The structures were built by the Wari–a civilization that covered much of the Peruvian coast from about 500 to 900 AD–and were perhaps used by the Incas as well.


10/04/2013 // Hiker // Southern Coast, Peru


I spy. Click for lightbox.