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Interview: Ralph Nader on the Importance of Independent Media

Interview by Pete Tucker, written report by Chris Lewis (@Chris_Lewis_)

NPR is supposed to be full of liberals, right? Consumer advocate Ralph Nader would beg to differ. “Progressive leaders can’t get on public radio,” he said last week on WPFW Pacifica Radio. “The right wing gets on far more, because they’re afraid of the right wing. Public radio knows the right wing can stir it up in Congress.”

Nader spoke on the importance of Pacifica Radio and other independent media with WPFW Local Station Board chair Tony Norman and LSB member Pete Tucker.

“Just look at the news and look at the mainstream media and what is not covered,” he said. Conventional news outlets fail to explore the contradictions in American society, according to Nader.

For instance, student loans typically carry an interest rate between 3.5 and 9 percent, but “big banks can draw billions of dollars of borrowing from the Federal Reserve virtually free of interest,” he said. “It’s these kinds of contrasts that are almost never made by the mass media.”

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