I’ve written for The Atlantic, Miami Herald, Sociological Insight, Jacobin, and a number of other outlets. My work has focused on:

Climate Change, International Development and Sustainability

Workers’ Paradise. Harper’s. 2015.

The Most Dangerous Place To Be An Environmentalist. Generation Progress. 2015.

Honduras’ Five-Century War. Jacobin. 2015.

With Its Own Satellite, Bolivia Hopes to Put Rural Areas on the Grid. Inter Press Service, with Gustav Cappaert. 2014.

What Happens When The Water Runs Out? Generation Progress. 2014.

Brazil Begins To Evict Settlers From Awá Land; Will It Be Enough? IPCCA. 2014.

Climate Change Could Increase Poverty In Peru; Indigenous Peoples Respond. IPCCA. 2013.

REDD+ Agreement In Warsaw Threatens Indigenous Livelihoods. IPCCA. 2013.

Warsaw Walkout Highlights The Absence Of Urgent Climate Action. IPCCA. 2013.

Treaty Hints At End Of Reckless International Weapons Sales. Generation Progress. 2013.

Revolutionary Tourism: Cuba’s Deal with the Devil. American Way of Life. 2010.


Race, Class, and Inequality in American Cities

Does Michigan’s Emergency-Manager Law Disenfranchise Black Citizens? The Atlantic. 2013.

Talk about Crisis: Everyday Life in Detroit. Sociological Insight. 2013.

Number Crunch: The Arithmetic of Desperation in Detroit. Z Communications. 2013.

What ‘Ruin Porn’ Does and Doesn’t Tell Us. TheFightBack. 2012.

Making Cents: Rep Payee Clients Tackle Financial Literacy. Bread for the City. 2012.

‘East of the River’ or ‘River East’? Washington City Paper. 2010.

Students: Post-Layoff McKinley High School ‘Dreary.’ Washington City Paper. 2009.


Latin American Political Economy

Anxiety in Havana as US Embassy Opens. Generation Progress. 2015.

America’s Cuba: US Hostility Was Never Really About The Cold War. CounterPunch. 2014.

Why It’s So Hard For Central Americans To Get Asylum In The US. Alternet. 2014.

The road to Machu Picchu, traveled on the backs of its builders. Seattle Globalist, with Gustav Cappaert. 2014.

How Peru Is Kicking Its Coke Habit. Generation Progress. 2014.

Rainbow Tide Rising: How Latin America Became A Gay Rights Haven. Alternet. 2014.

Cuba to Drop Exit Visa Requirements. CounterPunch. 2012.

Cuban Colada Blogger. Miami Herald. 2011.

The Cuban Five and ‘El Sexto.’ Generation Progress. 2010.


The American Economy: Education, Labor, Poverty and Growth

Should College Athletes Be Paid? Generation Progress. 2013.

Give Free Money To Everybody. Generation Progress. 2013.

Is There Really A Shortage Of Science Majors? Generation Progress. 2013.

Nicholas Kristof Is Wrong About Poverty. Alternet. 2013.

American University Adjuncts Vote To Unionize. Washington City Paper. 2012.

The Union Forever At American University? Washington City Paper. 2012.



Noam Chomsky On “Corporatization Of The University”

Last month, leading leftist intellectual and pioneering linguist Noam Chomsky gave a lecture at the University of Michigan on “the corporatization of the university.”

Chomsky called the advent of public education in the 19th century a “great achievement,” but also argued that the creators of the modern school system were far from benevolent and viewed education as a means of social control. Read More