Big Questions And Small Questions

I’ve always been a big picture kinda guy, I guess. Some vexing questions that I will be thinking about on my upcoming trip to South America:

Why are some countries rich and others poor? What is the most effective way to change this?

Is there any hope of a world that is both free from poverty and environmentally sustainable?

What lessons can Americans learn from Andean cultures? In what areas might we have insights to share?

How does United States foreign policy impact the daily life of people in Peru and Bolivia?

What are the keys to a full, happy life—for the Latin Americans who I meet and for myself?

How does an American be a good global citizen in the 21st Century?

How to I want to spend the precious limited time I have in this world?

What should I study in graduate school?

Some friends have also raised questions about other topics they are curious about:

Is Chinese food in Peru different than Chinese food in the United States?

How does Peruvian society treat Peruvians of African descent?

How well do Fair Trade coffee farmers live? And like, the coffee is delicious, isn’t it?

What do Bolivians today think about Che Guevara, who was killed fighting a guerrilla war there in 1967?

Not that these are “small” topics per se, but I am thrilled for the chance to maybe come home with some insights. I also hope more of you will reach out if there are things that you want to know about, or if you have ideas to offer on any of the questions posed above.

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